Carrboro Family Clinic


Owner & Provider Ms. Xiao Fu, FNP


Xiao Fu, FNP


University of North Carolina


  Xiao Fu completed the FNP/MSN program at the UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing in 2006. In 2008, she ran an urgent care clinic in Smithfield, NC and served in a 30 bed Durham, NC, acute rehabilitation facility. "My last two jobs have been very challenging and I have proven that I have the ability to deliver safe and quality medical care at an independent urgent care clinic and at an impatient hospital setting." Now, Xiao, FNP, MSA, RN, ANCC, has has stepped into the role of owner of a FNP-managed clinic. She promises excellent care for all and walk-ins are welcome.


What makes her different is that she has 30 years of international nursing experience having worked in China, the Middle East, Canada and the U.S, this gives her a unique perspective. Family nurse practitioners like Xiao have a broad range of training and education which provide a wide range of services to a large base of patients, including evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, educating, risk assessment, health promotion, care managment, coordination of care and service with other disciplines as needed. In this era of increasing primary care needs and high level of primary care physician shortages, nurse practitioner like Xiao, are educated and trained to meet the health care needs of individuals and families.



Our Mission

A caring & professional place
Always ask yourself: what can you do for people, communities, and your country? I serve people and communities around me as much as I can. I try to do good always and do no harm. I choose safe, quality medical care over what is popular with a clear conscience. I serve with an open heart and open mind as well as an open ear. I always remember that I deal with human beings who have strengths and weaknesses as I do. I am grateful for being a NP and face daily challenges, then forgive, forget, and move on. I will learn and grow as long as I live and promote good health, attitude, a healthy lifestyle, simplicity, and practicality. Be positive always, do what you can for good, ask for help as needed. Live well, laugh often, love always, live simply, speak kindly. Care deeply, love generously, laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.

Our Philosophy

Xiao Fu, FNP/MSN/RN has strived to deliver the valuable, high quality, safe and sound medical care daily for each patient and visit. As a FnP, she is passionate about her job. She is very grateful that she has had her own clinic for seven long years and served 5,200 new patients since the clinic opened June 6, 2010 with thousands of more visits (some patients come back monthly or a few times yearly). Xiao's goal is always to reduce suffering and pain, cure the acute disease/problem timely if possible, effectively and efficiently with the patients' cooperation. As a family nurse practitioner, Xiao also focuses on preventative medicine which is a patient-centered, individualized, holistic approach to the goal of healthier eating & exercise, changing to a healthier lifestyle, with the patients and their family as a partner. Xiao's roles are provider, helper, educator, consultant, cheerleader, social worker, nurse, therapist, lifestyle modifier, health promoter, friend, good listener, and just about anything she can do to promote healthier people and communities. She fully understans the fast-changing pace, stress, pressure, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty which affects people's metal and physical health all together significantly. As a human being, hard-working single mother who works alone daily, Xiao is learning and growing continuously along the way.

Our Policy

We require that payment for services and applicable insurance co-pays, co-insurance be made at the time of service. We will file directly online with your insurance company. Services not covered or authorized by your insurance will be the patient's responsibility and will be directly billed to you. No appointment is needed. Our computer software records every transaction and activity of our clinic and insurance companies' processing, payment and rejections etc.