Carrboro Family Clinic

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Address: 104 W. NC Hwy. 54, Ste. JJ
Carrboro, NC 27510

Phone: The phone has been disconnected, any further questions please email us.


Q & A

Q: When do I expect to get my medical bill?

A: We accept majority of insurances, depending on your deductible and premiums. We bill all your services electronically to your insurance company, no matter the service is covered or not, at your best advantage. For other insurance carriers, we collect basic payment of $150 for each visit and provide you record so you may file the claim to your insurance company on your own, and get reimbursed. Government employees (e.g: teachers, firefighers, UNC/SAS employees) only need to pay their office-visit copay, and are exempted from the $150 basic payment. For more details and type of coverage, please call your insurance company.

Q: What vaccines do you administer?

A: Flu shot, hepatitis-B, Td/Tdap vaccinations are readily available. We write prescriptions for other vaccinations, and we can administer if you bring in the vaccination.

Q: I am not sure how helpful it is to visit an urgent care rather than my family care provider?

A: We are not only urgent care, but also serve as a family care provider. We treat our patients from a wholistic point of view, not just looking at the symptoms and chief complain. Xiao dissects problems from the underlying causes and provides honest and valuable advices that you just need! Most of our patients got a good result/response quickly. No matter it is an acute issue, or chornic problems, Xiao will take good care of you. Her goal is to provide easy access, cost effective, and high quality medical care.

Q: Do you accept Medicaid/Medicare?

A: Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicaid/Medicare at this moment.